Satisfaction Guarantee

Our mission is clear: we want you as a satisfied, loyal customer for life.


Our Unwavering Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Exceptional Experiences Every Time

We strive to ensure your experience with us is flawless. Although we can’t control everything, we stand behind what’s within our control with an unmatched satisfaction guarantee. If you encounter any significant issues, simply inform us immediately. We will promptly address the problem to your satisfaction; if not, your next trip is on us. Moreover, if the issue leads to severe delays or inconvenience, we will not only provide you an additional trip free of charge, but we will also refund the cost of your current trip in full.

Our Guarantee Covers:

Timeliness of pickup

Boat mechanical and maintenance issues

Boat cleanliness

Professionalism of our staff

Complimentary trip is valid for 12 months, and the person who booked the original trip must be in attendance.